Pampers Complete Clean Wipes - 384 (6x64) Baby Wipes

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Pampers Complete Clean Wipes help Wipe away Germs* and completely clean your baby's bum from top to bottom. So add Pampers wipes to your cart for easy On-the-Go Protection

Product Features :
1. 0% Alcohol** to ensure baby's delicate skin is protected
2. Baby fresh scent lotion to refresh & moisturize baby's skin
3. Unique pH balancing formula restores natural pH levels of baby's skin
4. Suitable for cleaning both hands and face, besides baby's bum
5. Thick & strong, ensuring perfect cleaning in one swipe
6. Re-sealable lid is easy to open & helps prevent wipes from drying out

Disclaimer : Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product due to product updates and enhancements

What's in the box
384 Complete Clean Wipes

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